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Maheswar Nath Memorial Trust is a not-for-profit trust established in June, 2009 and aims at uplifting the socio-economic conditions of our society. With its main motto as Encourage | Enable | Evolve, the trust works as a medium for people to empower themselves with knowledge and contribute back to their community.

To start with MN Memorial trust is NOT a charitable organization which runs on grants to do some social service. It is a concept warehouse where like-minded people share their ideas and get it conceptualized. This trust is committed to bring a new thought process towards social cause and act as a platform for budding social entrepreneurs.


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Founder's Blog Manjit Nath, founder of MN Memorial Trust writing about this initiative - the past and the future , alongwith the present updates

Article on AFNA Site. The library initiative is featuring on 'Assam Foundation for North America' Website. AFNA- A noble initiative by the NRAs

A Blog by Rasika Saikia. Rasika Saikia has described her feeling on the library concept through her blog and agreed to be an advisor with us